​Chocolaté la Union is a collaborative venture between The Tree Project, Prince Edward Island Chocolates and chocolate producers in the township of La Union, Honduras.

Working with a local cooperative and others to create a model cacao plantation, using analog forestry and mixed cropping and making high end chocolate, our aim is to make quality artisanal chocolate.

We work with local farmers and others in the lowlands of the Atlantic Coast of Honduras on sustainable land management, as well as post harvesting methods, and to demonstrate & promote high quality chocolate and value added product production making skills.

Working directly with local farmers, we are:

  • Managing a small analog forestry site with an emphasis on a variety of heirloom cacao trees, the source of fine chocolate as well as other companion, shade-giving plants and trees.
  • Building a training and chocolate processing building
  • Creating employment opportunities
  • Teaching workshops on bean to bar chocolate making, tree grafting, as well as additional products such as lip balm and scrubs using cocoa butter

For more information contact:  Jean Arnold