Volunteer Opportunities

1. Volunteer Needed to assist with a program of creating Forest Gardens as a way in building resilience and food security in the peri-urban communities in Northern Honduras.  Please communicate your interest and experience by email.

At the close of the practical workshop on “Restoration of Biodiversity and Productive Forests using Analog Forestry” held in La Union, Honduras from 30 June- 3rd July, The following course of action was discussed and

adopted as a way forward in building resilience into peri-urban communities in the region.

This can be activated as a program of creating Forest Gardens with high biomass and biodiversity , using Analog Forestry designs

The operational steps for such a program are as follows :

1.     Identify the most mature tree covered gardens by walking through the community.
2.     Create  a map that identifies the streets and positions of the  mature forest gardens
3.     Identify the flow systems  and roadways
4.     Make a formula for the identified forest gardens
5.     Identify to species level
6.     Identify indicators
7.     Begin designing  biodiversity increment
8.     Begin designing landscape aesthetics.
9.     Monitoring and evaluation.

This could be a lighthouse project for the other municipalities along the Atlantic seaboard of Honduras and other countries.

2.  Volunteer Needed to assist with the development of local organic markets using participatory guarantee systems (PGS) in Honduras.   Please communicate your interest and experience by email.